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Current situation of pesticide market

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Last year, China's total exports of 136 thousand tons of pesticides, with the same period last year decreased by $510 million, while the value of $1.9%, an increase of 24.1%. China's pesticide export market is more dispersed, the main national market involving Togo (11 thousand tons), Vietnam (11 thousand tons) and Thailand (8967 tons). Asian countries also include South Korea (6582 tons) and Japan (1952 tons), exports fell by an annual rate of 18.8% and an increase of 16.5%. Compared to pesticides, herbicides, anti germination agent and PGR export volume and value were increased, a total of 281 thousand tons of exports, worth $1 billion 250 million, an increase of 5.7% and 70.9%. The main export countries of retail packaging herbicides are Thailand (5562 tons) and Ukraine (5348 tons), export average price of $4998 / ton and $4634 / ton. Non retail packaging herbicides export countries include Thailand (18 thousand tons), the United States (30 thousand tons) and Vietnam (11 thousand tons). In addition, the main market for anti sprouting agents and PGR exports to Ukraine and Thailand.

In the face of the global financial crisis and China's pesticide export data, it can be seen that the international market is an opportunity and challenge for China's pesticide manufacturing enterprises. China pesticide enterprise products exported to the EU market has always been a weakness, for the strict management of the EU chemicals, pesticide is focused on the access control. Some time ago the European Parliament announced the 2009 agreement will disable the 22 kinds of toxic pesticide manufacturing, including eight kinds of herbicide composition, eleven fungicides and three kinds of pesticide ingredients, involving oxime ketone, ioxynil grass, amitrole, Tepraloxydim, weed, epoxiconazole, tebuconazole and special azole, iprodione and thiacloprid and many other products within ten years will gradually withdraw from the EU market.

The EU has banned the sale of 450 kinds of pesticides, coupled with the new addition of 22 new varieties of pesticides, more than half of the pesticide products have been expelled from the EU market, pesticide exports to the EU threshold will be more demanding. If the EU will upgrade the ban to trade protection, so the pesticide export enterprises will be trouble, domestic exports of European companies must pay close attention to the implementation of the ban dynamics. The EU's goal is to reduce the market share of 50% of pesticides, to re develop the list of active chemicals, disable high toxic, carcinogenic and other hazardous chemicals. The new EU pesticide ban will affect China's pesticide exports, but reduce the use of high toxic substances is a trend, Chinese enterprises should face, accelerate the update of related products are eliminated, to strengthen the adjustment of product structure, develop alternative products.
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