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The Ministry of agriculture in 2020 to achieve zero growth urged China pesticide

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The Ministry of agriculture in 2020 to achieve zero growth urged China pesticide

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In October 18th, implementation of the "zero growth strategy" research and Application on the topic will be held in Beijing, the use of pesticides. Yu Xinrong, Vice Minister of agriculture, stressed that in the scientific drawing on the basis of reducing pesticide roadmap, to ensure that the use of pesticides in 2020 to achieve the goal of zero growth.

2015, the Ministry of Agriculture issued in 2020 to zero growth in the use of pesticides action plan, and strive to achieve the goal of zero total growth of China's agricultural use in 2020 to achieve the goal of zero growth in February. The goal is to speed up the transformation of agricultural development mode, and promote the protection of agricultural ecological environment and a series of important strategic deployment of governance.

Extensive application of pesticide

China is now the world's fertilizer, pesticides, the highest total amount of the country, accounting for about 30% of the world's total consumption. The annual pesticide use is 2.5 times the world average. At the same time, due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural non-point source pollution is becoming more and more serious. The problems of resources, environment and ecology caused by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been highlighted.

Professor Zhou Pei, Dean of the College of agriculture and biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said in a report entitled "under the new situation of agricultural environmental safety and pollution control," said: 60% - 70% of the field pesticide pollution caused by runoff. 80% of the country's rivers and 3/4 lakes are affected by nitrogen and phosphorus eutrophication. Antibiotics, endocrine disrupting factors in densely populated areas. Lead nitrate deposition is highly dependent on the chemical fertilizer in soil, which caused soil acidification, compaction, more more fat, piles of garbage. In addition, if the use of pesticides and fertilizers to continue, is expected to 2020, China there will be 30 million people from drinking water can not drink and leave the hometown.

Not only the use of large, extensive use of pesticides, the effect is still very poor, resulting in a great negative externalities.

Scholars believe that, at present, China's pesticide and fertilizer utilization rate of less than 30%, the remaining more than 70% of the environment.

A related measure of Yunnan Agricultural University shows, only 0.1% year China heavy use of pesticides or can target pests, most of it into the ecosystem, causing a lot of soil heavy metal pollution and hormones.

Soil pollution, not only led to a large number of production or agricultural crops, and even cause serious harm to the long-term consumption of contaminated agricultural products group.

Pesticide zero growth coincides with the time

In addition to the pressure from the use of pesticides, pesticide zero growth targets, but also in line with the needs of China's agricultural development.

Vice Minister of agriculture Yu Xinrong said that since the new century, China grain production to achieve a historic eleven even increase, with the implementation of pesticide reduction "emboldened"; at the same time the progress of agricultural science and technology to replace the resources rely on increasing become a major factor in promoting the development of agriculture Chinese, basic technical conditions of pesticide reduction; in addition in recent years the international price the main agricultural products appear upside down, this is the two co-ordinate the use of international and domestic markets two resources, moderate imports of agricultural products, the implementation of the "pesticide use zero growth strategy" provides important opportunities and strategic space.

The goal is to promote the development of China's economy into the new normal after the transfer of the way, adjust the structure of an important symbol. In fact, not only in China, the implementation of zero growth of pesticides is an international practice after the development of agricultural modernization to a certain stage.

Statistics show that the EU developed countries as early as the end of the last century in 80s to carry out legislation to reduce pesticide action, pesticide reduction plan in 2006 to become mandatory EU policy. Holland pesticide consumption declined from more than 20 thousand tons in 1985 to 5778 tons in 2012; Sweden and Denmark through the implementation of tax control of pesticide pesticide usage growth; South Korea in 1999 promulgated the "environmental friendly agriculture support act, proposed in 2010 the use of pesticides is reduced by 50%.

At present, the realization of "Chinese technology and material base for the use of pesticides has zero growth target", the Ministry of Agriculture Institute and 8 well-known domestic pesticide enterprises jointly launched the "Research on the implementation of the research and application of" project zero growth strategy the use of pesticides. From the economic development, policy establishment, pesticide products, medical equipment, crop types, plant protection and other comprehensive reduction technology, "Internet +" agricultural service sector of pesticide reduction factors and path system research, finally integrated research report, aimed at "zero increase pesticide" operations smoothly provide path selection and policy suggestions.

Reproduced in Caixin http://china.caixin.com/2015-10-21/100865144.html
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