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Once again focus on the central file three rural areas: sustainable development of agriculture to improve the welfare of farmers

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On 2015, the central document issued. This is the central issue of the twelfth consecutive "three rural" as the theme of the first document. The release of the document, highlighting the new normal economy, the central agricultural and rural work, as always, has become an important window to observe China's "three rural" development direction. The following figure is an important content of the document summary.

From extensive to intensive agriculture more quality and efficiency

At present, the domestic agricultural production costs continue to rise, leading to continued low efficiency of agriculture. The bulk of the international market prices of agricultural products, has been reduced to varying degrees below domestic prices, leading to increased imports. The first document of the Central Committee has put forward new requirements for accelerating the development of modern agriculture". This requires on the basis of stable grain production, agriculture must turn to intensive development by extensive management, the environment, the resources to fight, to rely on science and technology innovation, especially focus on improving competitiveness and sustainable development.

Paying more attention to sustainable development means strengthening agricultural ecological management. Central Document No. 1 put forward the overall plan for the implementation of agricultural environmental problems and the sustainable development of agriculture. This is in line with the reality of China's agriculture." State Council Development Research Center researcher Cheng Guoqiang said that China's agricultural resources and environment has been close to the bearing limit. Over the years, rural non-point source pollution, land degradation, overexploitation of groundwater and other problems have become increasingly prominent, especially to solve the problem of food and clothing, the public demands to improve the ecological environment and the quality and safety of agricultural products is higher.

Central document proposed to determine the main level of self-sufficiency in agricultural products, reasonable arrangements for agricultural development priorities. Focus on the most basic and most important, keep grain rations, based on the overall consideration of important agricultural products such as cotton sugar production, promote grain, economic crops and forage planting structure development coordination of three yuan.

At present, our country food production enterprise more than and 40, about 3000000 food business entities, small workshops, small vendors is difficult. However, due to the attribution of traceability system is different, most of the information sharing and full coverage. In view of the quality and safety of agricultural products, the first document of the Central Committee put forward the establishment of traceability and sharing of agricultural products quality and food safety information platform.

From the inside to the outside to increase the income of farmers

If China wants to be rich, the peasants must be rich. The key is to increase farmers' income to tap the internal potential and external force, to achieve internal and external linkage.

Central document proposed to improve the effectiveness of agricultural subsidies. Ye Xingqing, Minister of the Ministry of rural development research center of the State Council said that for a long time, we have to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers by means of prices, now domestic and foreign prices upside down, the use of such methods have been difficult to continue. Meanwhile, the space for agricultural subsidies is gradually reduced. China's WTO commitments of the 8.5% "yellow box" space and non product specific space is also great, but some products subsidy space has some products have even There is not much left., super, formed "ceiling". Based on this, the central document proposed to gradually expand the "green box" policy to support the implementation of the scale and scope of adjustment and improvement of the "yellow box" policy support, give full play to the effect of agricultural income policy.

According to reports, the next step, the target price of agricultural insurance pilot will be carried out. Central document also proposed to promote the integration of rural one or two, three industry development. This is in line with the current international popular "six industry" theory. Not only to encourage farmers to engage in breeding industry (industry), but also engaged in the processing of agricultural products and agricultural products circulation (second stage) (three). Because "1+2+3" is 6, "1 x 2 x 3 is equal to 6, it is called" six industries". Professor of Renmin University of China, leisure agriculture expert committee vice chairman Zhu Xinkai said the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural production, life and ecology is the financial functions of the industry, from primary agricultural planting and breeding industry has developed and processing, distribution and marketing of new links, forming a production of interactive type, one after another "fusion type development model. To create" six industries".

From the land to the reform of rural assets to release vitality

Comprehensive deepening of reform, rural reform must be placed in a prominent position. From the reform of rural land system to the reform of rural collective property rights, a new round of rural reform is full speed.

Central first document made it clear that the establishment of national, collective and individual land value-added income distribution mechanism, a reasonable increase in personal income. At present, the national rural collective construction land area of about 42 million acres, the total land area of about 170 million acres. The focus of the reform of the land system is the implementation of the classification of rural land expropriation, collective construction land into the market, the reform of the homestead system.

Central document proposed to explore the effective realization of rural collective ownership form, innovation of rural collective economic operation mechanism. With the development of the rural economy, many local village collective income growth is rapid, the villagers on the collective income how to pay attention to the allocation of. Experts believe that the operating assets, the focus is to clear the ownership of collective property rights, the assets of the shares will be quantified to members of the collective economic organizations, to explore the development of peasant stock cooperation.

From "material" to "people" to the new rural construction

China to the United States, the countryside must be beautiful. The central document stressed to accelerate the upgrading of the level of infrastructure in rural areas, promote the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, let rural farmers to become the beautiful home of live and work in peace.

Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that some rural ecological environment, water, gas and other infrastructure is very bad. To increase the rural infrastructure construction, and comprehensively promote the improvement of rural living environment. In the future, even if the urbanization rate reached 70%, there are still more than four hundred million or five hundred million people in rural areas. Improve the rural environment, the government should actively undertake.

In recent years, China's new rural cooperative medical system, the new rural social security system, rural subsistence allowances and other systems to promote rapid, but cultural, health

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